​Animal Sounds

Volcano Erupts 

Alphabet Glow 

​Yoga Healing

Pumpkin Face

 Birthday Blast

​Touch Art Neon

​Touch Art Glow

​ Mirror Image

Touch Art Flowers

APP play can be an important part of a learning and a therapy program  

​Fidget Spinner

Car Drawing 

Fireworks Rocket

Dragon Escape

Mind Craft

Wolf Howl

Cars: Classic

such as stroke rehabilitation, ADD and attention disorders, Dementia   

​ Birthday Cheer

Magic Unicorn 

Find Love

Touch Art Play

Touch Art: Purple 

Etch Art


Trippy Monsters

 Art Therapy

and Alzheimer  memory activities. Or just for fun!

​ Art Hypnotize

​Touch Art Christmas

Hurricane Guide

​ Firework Drone 

Color Swirl 

Halloween Glow

​Spy Dog

  App designed for fun, games, education, and therapy.

Christmas Spin

Prediction Wizard


City Quiz 

TriME Designs apps include games, art, drawing, coloring, optical illusions, Christmas, Halloween, birthday songs, alphabet,  animal sounds, magic, flowers, dragon, volcano, cars, yoga, and weather (Hurricane) information. Debra Thurman brings color to life with her books and apps for children and adults. Babies and Toddlers. Interactive books are available plus app interactive books. Art therapy. Picture Books. Tap Books. TriME Designs apps. Her colorful, creative line of books and apps can be helpful for stress management, ADD attention disorders, and therapy such as occupational therapy, vision therapy, and recreational therapy.  Designed after years of work with brain injuries, she creates for special needs readers.  Autism. Stroke rehabilitation. Her Art Therapy line is helpful for elder care programs that involve Dementia and Alzheimer memory care assistance. Helpful and fun!  www.TriMEDesigns.com, www.DebraThurman.com, www.picturebooktherapy.com, www.apparttherapy.com, www.TapBookTherapy.com

TriME Designs

Halloween Glow

​City from Above

Christmas Spin 

Love Finder